Greg Colson

1999. Forward By Pontus Hulten And Interview By Peter Wegner. 64 Pages. 75 Illustrations, Including 30 in Color. Softcover.

(Out of Print)

Greg Colson manages to bring back in his works the immediate and direct physical relation that he and the spectator might have with the things and phenomena that he is inspecting. There is an intellectual vibration that, once occurred between the artist and the subject, is preserved in the final work. In fact, there is, of course, an aesthetic element, but it is reserved in a very pure form; it is as pure as in an Yves Klein monochrome. No monkey business.

In a media-intoxicated world, Greg Colson’s works are like a fresh wind from the north: clean, cool, refreshing and sparkling. What a pleasure, an inspiration to start to love art (again).



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